In a (not so fine) frenzy

This day has been crazy. I leave in two days to go home for a week (!!!) and I had so much shit to get done. I’m such a slacker. I don’t even have a dress for the wedding I’m going to. I’m afraid I’m going to end up looking trashy..especially after the 13-hour drive I’m pulling in order to get there.

Okay, I guess I won’t look THAT bad….

Let’s rewind a bit. I spent the day working…per usual. And since I was feeling the strain of knowing just exactly what I am about to be doing this weekend. I decided to do the only sane and logical thing any person would do when lunch time came around. I went to Yogurtland.

Ummmm yea, as if Yogurtland doesn’t make me a broke ass enough as it is, it has be conveniently located right next to Sur La Table…nice.

I got a mix of French Vanilla, Nutter Butter (you know, like those cookies…nom!), and chocolate, with strawberries, bananas, gummie bears, sour worms, and a snickers as my toppings.

Whooda thunk that fro-yo could make all things better?

Anyways, I rushed home after work so I could get to packing to packing my bag (one of three…I’m such a girl)

And spent a good three hours downloading and messing with itunes. Seriously Apple, you need to not be so damn pretentious. If I get a new computer or have to wipe it clean, I would like to be able to upload my jams back onto my computer. Pain in my ass.

You got that Stevey boy? I’m talking to you.


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