Wise words from Red

This morning was rough, I made it to work and rushed to get everything done. I quickly realized I forget to hairspray my hair. It tends to do funny things without it. Needless to say I looked everywhere for it. I went back to my car to look back in my gym bag. Not there. I looked in my glove compartment. Not there. Perhaps it’s in my tiny mid console where it couldn’t even fit. Nope, not there. Maybe it’s in my purse, nope not there. Back out to the car to look in my gym bag for it…again, NOT THERE!!!! lsadkflasdiofha WTF! So I came back inside to check the messages and to check my purse one more time…well well well…look what I found

That sneaky little bastard can.

Thanks, Red. At least I’m not bald.

Finally Lunch time came and I had to run an errand to one of my favorite places to pick up some snacks for my trip tomorrow.

Trader Joe’s is Gods gift to foodies. No joke. It’s heaven. After buying everything in the store getting a few snacks, I had to head back to work. Unfortunately I ran into this…

I was seriously stuck behind this train for like 20 minutes. Good thing I had just gone to TJ’s and had snagged these.

I finally got back to work after stopping at the good ‘ol *$ (that’s Starbucks for those that don’t know) and picked up this because I have no food at home.

And of course…

A green tea. De-licious.

Off to finish the day!


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