Thanks Brit Brit

I can’t believe it’s already Friday, this week has flown by. It’s crazy how that happens.

perhaps not as crazy as your movies though

Anyways, I woke up at 4:30 this morning…who the eff does that! I don’t have kids, I don’t have to be to work until 8, I couldn’t go back to sleep. Oh well, I said screw it and laced up my shoes and hit the gym hoping to get in at least 3 easy miles and some weights.

I ended up getting to the gym around 5:30 and after heaving my gym back into a locker I automatically call “dibs” on, I went up stairs and began my workout.

My run went like this:

Warm-up: 5.5 incline for either 5 minutes or .25 mile

Then while listening to Miss Spears I ran at 0 incline because I’m lazy and still getting over shin splints and don’t want to mess that up. Everything was going fine, just as I expected, right up until mile 1.5, when my stomach started to feel weird. UGH, I totally knew this feeling. So I hopped off the treadmill, cleaned it, and ran to the restroom because….

Business done. Earphones back in, Brit Brit back on

Back to running…Yea right. All of the ‘mills were taken now. WTF! I still had another mile and a half to do. I decided to so graciously get my Lou Ferrigno on and lift some weights

Yea, you’re sooo hardcore…

I switched up my albums from Brit Brit to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, if you haven’t heard of them…check them out. They’re amazing. If you don’t like them, I owe you some candy and/or fro-yo.

I was starving after showing the Hulk who’s boss. So I scarfed this down and got ready for work.

Off to work! I have a busy day ahead of me!


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