13 hour drives and fist pumping

I have a bit of making up to do for missing yesterdays posts, but this will explain everything!

Yesterday I got up at 1:45 am so I could pack my car, eat breakfast, and rush out the door to drive the 13 hours in order to get to Northern Utah to make it to my friends reception by 6pm. So while I was putting my stuff in my car I started to brew my coffee.

And made breakfast

Vitatop with PB. Yum!

Finally I was ready to hit the road and everything was going smooth until I got hungry about two hours in. Good thing I brought snacks!

Finally about three hours into the drive the sun was starting to rise and the drive was getting easier.

I had to make a quick stop to fill up and saw this on the door. Ugh, I wanted to go running right then and there.

Finally, the sun was shining. And thanks to my face shield aka sun glasses, I had no problem driving

A few “scenic” shots from the drive

About seven hours in I finally hit the Oregon border

I had a serious hankering for some food once I got closer to Boise. So I pulled out a Clif bar and got to work. This is my favorite Clif bar and my favorite way to eat it. I always get the Chocolate Brownie one.

Then I grab my PB

Dip my Clif Bar into PB

And finally, stuff yo face with deliciousness.

Finally, after 13 hours of driving and fist pumping non stop to Katy Perry, Enrique, Whiz, and Lupe not only was I making the Situation look like an amateur, I was getting close to Utah!

What a sight for sore eyes.


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