It’s a good thing we have twitter

This morning has been crazy!! Well, at least Twitter was since the 5.8 EARTHQUAKE happened on the East Coast! Let’s just say, I heard about this quake on Twitter from Kath and Allie before I read it on msnbc. Thank you, social media.


I guess it’s a good thing I live on the West Coast, right? But in all seriousness, I hope all those over there are okay.

Noon finally came around and I was more than ready for it. I had a quick errand to run but I needed some serious java. So I stopped at Starbucks and got my usual.

a venti iced non-fat vanilla latte

Plus a slice of banana nut bread, because that stuff is delicious.

While eating I headed over to Target because I had to pick up a few things, plus I had a free coupon to use and mama needed some new hairspray.

Everything is better when it’s free, right Lindsay?


After getting a few other essentials I headed back to office since my lunch was waiting for me.

A spinach salad with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and some salami for added protein with a Caesar Vinaigrette.

oh so good

Now I’m off to update my day planner since when I bought mine last year it didn’t go through the entire year (??!!)


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