Yeah Toast!

You know when you buy something and you can’t wait to use it? Yea, that totally happened to me today. While in Utah, I picked up some of my favorite sourdough bread. Only problem was, I DIDN’T HAVE A TOASTER!!!

Well, that changed today. I went to Target. Picked up a toaster. And walked out triumphantly and ready to make some toast.

I set it out on my counter, took it out of the box, and put it in its place.

Yes, my appliances match. Call it OCD. I call it cute. 😉

I pulled out said sourdough and was ready to get down to business

I popped a slice in my brand spankin’ new toaster and waited….patiently.

Finally my toast was ready to be devoured. So I slathered some buttah on it, and gobbled it up.

Paula Deen would be so darn proud of that amount of butter….

Yea Toast!

And in honor of this post, I present…Bob and Tom.


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