My first Pluot

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Allie’s blog for quite some time now. Her photo’s are always so gorgeous and vibrant and full of life. From reading her blog alone, I’ve tried new things (this is before I started my blog) like Kombucha, and even though it isn’t really my thing – or maybe I haven’t found the one for me, I still tried it thanks to her blog.

So when she started mentioning a fruit called “pluots” I had NO idea what the heck they were. No, I couldn’t put two and two together (Plum and Apricot) because I had never seen them in my grocery store…but then again maybe I just wasn’t looking close enough.

So today at lunch time after I filled up my whip and getting this fine, cheap and delicious drink

I headed to my local Albertsons because I was craving some fruit.

So I cruised over to the produce and picked up some Tangelos, when straight to left I saw Pluots. BAM! I picked some up and strutted my fruit loving self to the checkout.

After work I headed home. Put my newly purchased fruit in their spot and then decided that today would be the day that I would try a Pluot.

After feeling them up like a cheap date, I finally picked the most ripe one.

I washed it off, then dove right in.

And  seriously, it was freaking delicious. It was moist (hate that word), and juicy and fruity and awesome.

Yup, I likey. Most definitely a buy in the future. I consider them Megan approved. So thanks Allie for being awesome and eating amazing fruity fruits and sharing them!


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