Starbucks owns me

This morning was a rough one. I hit snooze one my phone probably about 5 times. Finally I kicked it into gear and got my butt out of bed and made it to the gym with enough time to do only a 20 minute XT workout. I opted for10 min on the elliptical and to do a quick 10 min lower body workout.

Every since getting back from Utah, I’ve been on this Starbucks kick. I’m usually a cheap ass with my coffee and just drink the stuff that’s at work. But lately I’ve hopped back on (or is it off ??) the wagon with my Starbucks addiction.

So before getting to work I stopped and got a toasted chonga bagel with cream cheese

Have you ever had one? They’re awesome. It’s a (CH)eddar (ON)ion (GA)rlic bagel. I just wish they made them in “thins” since I can only eat half of one. le sigh

And of course I got my usual, a Venti non-fat Iced Vanilla Latte

don’t mind the big blue bunny in the back.

Of course I drink it like a normal person…

But for real, if Starbucks offered IV’s…you know I’d be all over that shit.



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