Tasty Men of Thursday

Who follows soccer?…well, I don’t. But I do follow hot men.

Yea, I know what you’re thinking…Hold up. Who is this SMF here? That’s right. It’s Gerard Pique in the house, mothafuckers. The sexiest cule ever.

Not only is this boy a Spanish Football (automatic hotness), he has the most beautiful eyes  in this universe. Those eyes can be sweet, playful and downright Bangin’ at the same time.

His relationships with his teammates are not that bad. Actually they’re quite interesting…

Being a footballer, his body has to be in shape. But this man’s body is more than just ‘in shape’. It’s in that shape that makes women’s (and mens…) eyes go wide.

He’s the entertainer. He’s extremely funny and in general has such a sweet personality despite what haters say.


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