Eggs and Toast

This morning when my alarm clock…err…phone, went off I felt like death. So I hit snooze and went back to sleep. Fast forward two more hours, I still felt like death so I emailed my boss to let him know I was going to be in late.

Finally around 8 I got my ass up since I can’t sleep any later than that. I wish I had awesome sleeping in skills. But I don’t.

I skipped my run this morning and opted straight for my option of food. I think I made a wise choice since food is awesome and all.

I made a favorite “go-to” meal of mine. Eggs and Toast! But since I was still feeling pretty lazy I made my eggs in my microwave using my favorite mug.

While my eggs were “cooking” I got me my purple drank

It tastes just as good even better than it looks.Toast and eggs were done, so I pulled out my liquid gold

And poured it all over my breakfast…

Soooo good. This is how I’ve always eaten my toast and eggs, in an open faced fashion.


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