Kenny Powers and Sandwiches.

When I finally got to work this morning it was around 11. You can call it lazy, I’ll just blame it on the black lung…

Anyways, apparently my boss had it too. Either that or he was too busy fishing to tell me he wasn’t coming into the office today. Therefore, I took his absence as a sign of it being okay for me to take off early. Win!

I love early Friday’s they are seriously so legit.Mainly because today I scored on some serious loot.

I headed to Sports Authority because I needed to get a new ice pack since I left mine at my parents

Then I walked next door to Best Buy to do some browsing and am thrilled that I did. I found these two at a steal of $4.99 each

Shnozzberries anyone? Squints was unofficially my boyfriend for the longest time. I heart him still.

And then there’s this gem. The second season of Eastbound & Down.

After my amazing finds, I came home and was hungry. So I did the logical thing. I made a sandwich.

So I got out my avocado and cut it in half.

Put my Sourdough bread in the toaster, and while it was getting nice and crispy I began to get the rest of my fixins ready.

So I got my lettuce and cleaned it off

Took the meat and cheese out of the fridge

Okay, this is my secret. Consider yourself lucky. Once the the bread is done and all toasted, I take the cheese and put it on one of the slices, then I pop it in the microwave for about 15-30 sec or until it’s slightly melted like so

Then I slam the sandwich together and chow down!

And that, my friends, is what I call a sexy sandwich.


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