The ‘Doc’ stole my heart.

Happy Saturday! I’m such a sucker for the weekends, and I was more than excited for this one. Before I left for my visit to Utah My mom and I had planned a little outing for us to do once I got back. Well, today was that day! So put on my shoes and headed downtown to meet up with her.



Once I got downtown, I had to find parking. Since I knew I would be down there for a while, I went straight to my usual spot.


Um, 5 hour parking…I’ll take it.

So I paid….


Got my receipt, put it in my car and jetted off to my favorite store


It seriously takes everything I have not to buy everything in there…oh and same thing for this store.


I’m pretty sure I should just get a part-time weekend job at both of these places in return for the clothes. love

Back to reality…after browsing I got a call from my mom saying that we she was close so I headed over to the Dr. Marten store where we were getting my little sister some new boots jealous.much.


I was busy drooling over these heels while my sister got her pair of boots.

I have a feeling I will be back very soon to buy those. Ugh, so cute!

Once we were done swooning over shoes, we headed to P.F. Changs. I’m a sucker for some Chinese food. But it just wasn’t that good today…except for the lettuce wraps. No pictures were taken because I was too busy stuffing my face with said deliciousness.

Once we were done with lunch we headed across the way to Whole Foods for some dessert. Needless to say, it was a wise choice.

My sister got the Chocolate Eruption



It was a huge ass cupcake with some creamy frosting and then a hardened chocolate layer on top PLUS a creamy chocolate center.

I got this adorable little thing


Isn’t it cute! It’s a tiramisu cup. And it was delicious and so creamy and rich. I couldn’t finish the whole thing.


I had  to try my sisters…so I let her have some of mine in order to have some of hers because when it comes to chocolate, we both are stingy.



In case you were wondering…yes I always try to fit the whole cupcake in my mouth, is there any other way to enjoy a fluffy treat?

What a perfect way to begin the weekend!


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