Haters gonna hate

It’s Monday…when did that happen, and who said that it was okay?

This morning I got to the gym and started on my run, it was slow and ugly and about two miles in my cankle ankle started to hurt. I knew exactly what it was too. See a few months ago, I upped my mileage WAY too fast and I got a stress fracture. It sucked. I thought I was in the clear this time because I bought new shoes. In fact, I even went into my local running store and got fitted for them too!


Perhaps I got the wrong ones? Maybe I need to be fitted again? Maybe I suck at running? I don’t know. Anyone want to trade ankles with me? Just a thought.

Besides the crappy pain, the tunes were rocking. I was jamming out to Hoodie Allen’s latest album Leap Year. I couldn’t help but sing along. I probably looked like a douche, but whatev. Haters gonna hate. đŸ˜‰

After the gym I headed to work where I’m currently icing my ankle

Which I don’t mind, but I’m not so happy about maybe possibly having an injury again

BUT…I am am kicking my Starbuck habit (which my wallet is thankful for) and being a freeloader on the coffee at my work

Mwahahaha Folgers doesn’t stand a chance!

Are you suffering from an injury?

What type of kicks do you run in?


What's your opinion?

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