It’s officially fall in my book

Work has been pretty busy, but I couldn’t wait for lunch. Mainly because I just love food. Shocking, I know. Last night I packed a delicious lunch.

I had an awesome sandwich on a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread (21 whole grain style)..Uhhh the bite marks weren’t there when I packed it last night, promise

I always buy Dave’s Killer Bread because It’s local, and it’s the right thing to do. Ya dig? cool.

Moving on. I also had this simple spinach and iceburg lettuce salad with some cherries that I totally approved of.

Get in my BELLY!!!!

Much better.

After eating, I felt like getting out of the office, but when I got in my car there was a lovely surprise on my windshield.

That’s right, kiddos. That’s rain. And I couldn’t be happier.

Anyways, after my excitement subsided I cruised over to Target where I came across this (and that means it’s fall in my book)…

It’s a good thing I only brought in a five, otherwise their entire shelf would be cleared out.

I also got this little jem because mama needed some chocolate and it had my name written all over it.

You bet it was delicious. Who doesn’t love dark chocolate? Actually, don’t answer that.


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