Something that shouldn’t be said on a date

Yesterday was a whirlwind of events at work. Without getting into too much detail, I’ll just say that some shit just got real.

But…It’s a good thing I had a hot date to look forward to after work.

We decided to go to one of the McMenamins here in Portland – The John Barleycorn location specifically.

Here’s a little background of McMenamins. There about 60 breweries/pubs in the Portland Metro area and they all have this old funky artsy vibe. Around 1985 two brothers – Mike and Brian McMenamin opened up the first post-prohibition brewpub in Oregon. In that same year they were the first Brewery in the USA to legally use fruit while brewing their Ales (they use raspberries for their Ruby Ale which is my FAVORITE!! It’s so delicious).

So before heading off to the restaurant I switched shoes because it was raining and flip flops don’t do the best in rain…especially when you’re clumsy like me. And just to my luck I only had my purple running socks as a backup.

Yea, I know totally fresh to def.

Off to the pub I went cause I had a serious hankering for some cajun tots.

Finally after getting through traffic (which is a total joke sometimes) I made it..

And tried to find parking but some asshole doesn’t know how to park. They’re lucky I was in a good mood and like to run so I didn’t mind walking…otherwise they would’ve gotten a nasty note on their car.

Rant over.

I got seated, ordered my tots.

And then continued to make an ass of myself by saying I prefer to “double fist my tots“…yea, somethings should just be left unsaid on dates.

Needless to say It was an awesome time.

I got home way too late. So I didn’t wake my ass up to run this morning. Instead I came straight to work and am currently drinking mass amounts of coffee so I don’t fall asleep.

Have you ever embarrassed yourself on a date? Do explain.


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