Tasty Men of Thursday

Thankfully it’s Thursday. That means two things. 1. Tomorrow is Friday and that is straight up awesome. 2. You get a overload of photos of a sexy man today. You’re welcome.

Last nights movie The Expendables inspired today’s choice of man. Enter Jason Statham

Former Model, British Olympic Diver (finishing 12th in ’92), Black Market Salesman turned outrageously fine actor

In case you missed, he’s British…meaning he has an accent….meaning he is extra fine.

He’s been in all Transporter movies (movies with man meat and guns? Yes Please!), Snatch, The Expendables, Crank and a handful of others.


One thought on “Tasty Men of Thursday

  1. The Transporter movies are the only ones that can get me to stop WHATEVER I’m doing, sit on the couch, and not move (sans wiping drool from my mouth) for 2 straight hours. Yummy.

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