My Friday + weekend plans

Friday was a rough day. It seemed to drag on forever for me. Even though I didn’t have to work, the day just wouldn’t end. I even took a nap for what seemed like forever and when I woke up it was really only for like an hour. WTF! I wanted yesterday to be over ASAP.

fuck friday shit

Besides being a lazy ass and napping, I feel like all I did was veg out and eat everything.

fridge broke friends

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food. I even made a whole apple pie for myself


But I only ate one slice then threw it out…I have a feeling I’m going to regret eating such shit food because I haven’t ran in three days and I can definitely tell the difference. I’m more lethargic, less focused, and overall my mood has dropped. I need those endorphins to keep me going. It’s partially why I go running in the morning. But I know my next run is going to be slow and ugly because of my choices.

god running

Anyways, it’s Saturday now and I’m fucking stoked.

kelso waving

Here in Portland we tend to hold the MOST ridiculous festivals. Every year there is the Santa-Con, Bunny-Con, Burgundyfest aka Ron-Con, Zombifest and soooo many more.

Well this weekend is the Portland Pirate Festival and Kumoricon (across the bridge in Vancouver, WA) and I’m planning on attending both.

In summary, the Pirate Festival is a huge thing where thousands of people get together and dress up as pirates and drink mass amount of rum and shoot canons and shit. Oh, there’s also some kid-friendly activities too.

I’m going to crashing Kumoricon because my little sister is into all things Japanese. And that is exactly what Kumoricon aka Kcon is. Think Comicon but Japanese related. So I’m going to both spend time with my littler sister, but to also humiliate her as much as possible by taking random ass pictures with strangers and ask the most ridiculous questions. Ahhh the joys of being an older sibling.

I also plan on eating copious amounts of shitty food considering my mom stocked up on junk food for the hotel room were staying in for K-con. In her own words “Oh, disgusting. The junk I just bought. Not a single redeeming ingredient. The trifecta, sugar, salt and fat. I’m so ashamed. I’m gonna need a sandwich.” Bring on the sugar high.

In other news it’s National Bacon Day!!!

keep calm bacon

And on that note, I’m going to do just that.

Have a great weekend!


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