Time Magazine + Dr. Oz

First off, Happy Friday! It’s going to be pretty hot this weekend here in Portland, but luckily it’ll cool down next week. I have some pretty exciting plans for this weekend that I can’t wait for.

Before I get into what my title is all about I’ll jump into my morning. Basically, I woke up late, got to the gym late, and was only able to get a mile and a half done. So because of that I’m going back to the gym after work to hop on the elliptical for a few miles.

So yesterday I mentioned that I picked up the Rolling Stone magazine, but I also picked up the latest Time magazine as well because their was an article in by Dr. Oz.


Now, if there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I LOVE Dr. Oz. He puts things in a no BS and straight-to-the-point kind of perspective, and I appreciate that.So when I saw this issue, of course I bought it.

One of my favorite quotes from the article: “Red wine is also usually consumed in the company of others, so it encourages human connection, a very powerful factor in maintaining health.”

Did you hear that Alyssa? Dr. Oz wants you to drink wine…booze it up gurl.


He talks about the different kinds of fats, cholesterol levels, what types of foods we should be eating (chocolate, eggs, coffee, nuts, salt – in moderation, and whole milk, and yes even wine!) He reminds us that the label “fat free” is dangerous because whatever food is labeled with that is instead filled with unnecessary sugar, sodium, and thickeners.

Dr. Oz also mentions all the many fad diets through the ages and how so many of them were in fact harmful, like the Atkins diet. Many people who were ‘die hard’ Atkins dieters had ketoacidosis because their “glycogen stores are too low.” That’s a scary thought.

So, without giving away too much about the article, go pick up this magazine and read it! It’s so informative.


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