It’s Been Three Years…

When I was 17, a high school friend of mine introduced me to her then boyfriend, Nezzy, at a house party he was throwing. There were plenty of his friends there that he could of occupied his time with, but he made sure that I was comfortable since it was my first time over. Nezzy and I became close friends after that night. He was like a brother I never had. I would go over to his house after work, and every Sunday around noon, you bet your ass you could catch me there…not because of the football, but because I liked spending time with him and because he had such a positive spirit.

I instantly became close friends with everyone that hung around at Nezzy’s. During the summertime you bet your ass you could catch us at the lake with our boats and beer. At night time we were at concerts. In the wintertime it was always house parties. But we were always together.

Nezzy constantly looked at the bright side of things. He was no drama or bullshit kind of person. And if there was a problem, he got straight to the root of it even with a smile on his face.

Everyone of our friends had nicknames (Nezzy isn’t his real name). Mine soon became “Megan Love” because he said “I was filled with so much love for everyone and everything…plus I love you, duh!”

Three years ago today, I was sitting on my bed doing homework when I got a text that shattered my heart. The number I didn’t know. But the message was clear. It was from Nezzy’s sister. He had passed away earlier that day from Alcohol Poisoning. She said I was the first to know and requested I inform as many of Nezzy’s friends as possible.

I didn’t know how to react. I though it was a joke. In fact, I asked if it was. And when she said it wasn’t, I broke down in tears and cried for hours. I did what I had to do and let everyone know. I told them what I knew and when the funeral was going to take place.

It’s been three years. And I still miss him. Sure, it get’s easier but there are those days when I break.

About a year after he passed, around Christmas time, I got my second tattoo…a remembrance of him and our friendship.

He was really the only person who called me Megan Love, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to honor one of my best friends who taught me so much about friendship, life, and love itself.

Nezzy, I will always cherish you. I am so blessed to have had you in my life for those two years. I’ll never forget all of our ridiculous moments, or how we met, or when you taught me how to beer bong. You taught me to “keep my chin up” and told me to never get upset about the silly things when life got rough. You were my “brother from another mother” and so much more. You educated me about music, and tried to teach me about football. You taught me that life is better when you can act like a fool and not care what people think, also that happiness is a radiance that others want to be around. You showed me that being judgmental hurts yourself more than others. Nezzy, you taught me so much about life. I will be forever thankful, but I won’t root for the Raiders. Sorry.


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