7.14.11 playlist (aka for Nezzy Crazy)

Thankfully it’s Wednesday. I’m so seriously ready for this week to be over already.

In other news, since yesterday marked the three year passing date of one of my best friends, I found it only appropriate to make today’s playlist full of some of his favorite songs by some of his favorite artists.

Side note: Nezzycrazy introduced me to most of the bands that I listen to now. He was badass. nuff said.

The Higher: “Rock My Body”

Sensed Fail: “Buried A Lie”

Mickey Avalon: “Jane Fonda”

Emanuel: “The New Violence”

Rise Against: “Paper Wings”

UnderOath: “A Boy Brushed Red…Living in Black and White”

The Sleeping: “3 Cigarettes”

The Almost: “Say This Sooner”

Taking Back Sunday: “Cute Without The ‘e’ (Cut From The Team)”

Saosin: “Voices”

Meriwether: “Aye Julian”

And that’s it kiddos. So go ahead and get your run on, or your dance on…as long as it doesn’t look like this…

Cause if it does…then you may want to re evaluate a few things in life.


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