Who am I?

Hey! I’m Megan, a twenty something newly single bookkeeper originally from Utah, but keeping it real in Portland, OR.

I love food. And it’s pretty fair game to say that it’s a passion of mine, well to eat massive amounts of it at least. I’m from an Italian household where my mom made dinner and dessert by scratch nightly. Needless to say second helpings were a necessity. I’m a fat kid at heart, even though it may show on my thighs. So I run to eat. It’s that simple.

I’ve been running on and off for a little over seven years now. I started in the summer between my Sophmore and Junior year in High School. I was always the “chunky” one who cleared their plate first…not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it was always of the wrong foods. I was sick of the jokes, and of how I felt. So one night, I laced up my kicks and hopped on my parents treadmill and just gave it my all. It took dedication. Lot’s of this thing called sweat. And plenty of episodes of Seinfeld.

I finally felt comfortable “in my skin” and kept at it. Slowly increasing my mileage, but never really keeping track. I never ran in any races, it was all for my health and sanity.

I’m starting this blog to keep track of what I eat, and how much I exercise since I am now becoming knowledgeable about how to fuel my body for runs and how to recover. It’s pretty much amazing. I’m hoping to be able to run in the RnR Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon because who doesn’t want to run 13.1 miles then get trashed after wards, right? 😉

About the name. I’m a sucker for Disney movies. I think they are the epitomy of all things hilarious, and I could watch them all day everyday. When I first saw The Emperor’s New Groove, I was literally on the floor dying. Kronk is my cartoon soul mate. Plus, I think Llamas are just silly animals.

So, basically this is a blog about running, food, music, random shiz, aaaand more food (i.e. fro-yo). So eat your heart out. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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