WTF Wednesday (short version)

1. Anderson Cooper, reporter for CNN, agreed to get a fucking spray tan thanks to Snooki. Why God why?

2.I love chocolate. Everyone who knows me knows that about me. I don’t even discriminate when it comes to the sweet stuff. It can be dark, milk, or white…I don’t give a shit, just give me the chocolate and let me eat. Mom, Dad…if you’re reading this, I want this for Christmas.

That would 12,000 pounds of chocolate. GET IN MY BELLY!!! Some company in Chicago made it. Apparently it’s 3 feet high and 21 feet long….which makes it a Guiness Record. Bravo Chicago, clearly you know how to make big delicious things (i.e. pizza and chocolate). I knew I loved you for a reason.

3. White Castle, yes the same one as in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, is being sued by some overweight honky from New York. Okay, first off…you shouldn’t be at White Castle if you’re a) a fat ass and b) not getting high (lesson learned from H&K). Perhaps if the booths are “too small” it’s a sign for you to not go there. It’s shit like this that really irkes me.